Why choose Owlyshield ?

Cybercriminals often remain undetected within systems for extended periods. Owlyshield, our EDR solution, actively listens for weak signals of their presence, detecting and eliminating threats to critical applications.

Owlyshield EDR

In Details


Owlyshield’s fast, lightweight EDR agent protects Linux, OpenWrt, and Windows systems against ransomware attacks using embedded machine learning capabilities.

It detects and stops threats in real-time without slowing down the system, making it ideal for organizations prioritizing performance and efficiency.

2 minutes install

Install the Agent on your Servers > Connect it to Wazuh > Start

AI Engine

Our server-based AI engine provides advanced novelty detection for identifying weak signals of intrusions, such as command and control probes.

The agent connects to this engine to quickly identify suspicious activity and alert security teams in real-time, adding an extra layer of security for organizations of all sizes.

SIEM Integration

Owlyshield’s AI engine seamlessly integrates with existing Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity.

Novelty detection

Real-life Examples:

Owlyshield offers powerful real-time threat detection and response. Here are three examples of how Owlyshield protected our customers:

An attacker exploited a critical CVE in an ESXi server to deploy a payload. Owlyshield detected weak signals of the attack by analyzing file activities and identifying unusual behavior in the ESXi process family.

A web application built with JHipster had a hidden URL that could be used to dump JVM memory. Owlyshield detected the vulnerability’s exploitation by analyzing the file system for unusual activity related to creating the dump file

  1. A large ERP system was accessed by teams of consultants. One with admin rights slowly corrupted specific files, making the corruption appear as bugs or glitches. Owlyshield detected the subtle attack.

Ready to market

SOC and



Standard market tools

Integrates with standard tools for security event


AI Model

Powerful novelty detection AI with very few false positives.



Designed to detect exploited zero-days.

Vertical Solutions

Owlyshield offers tailored versions with pretrained models for Sage X3, SAP, and Odoo, quickly identifying potential security threats within these complex applications and providing comprehensive protection for critical business systems and data.

Open Source

Building trust through transparency

At Owlyshield we believe the best way to develop cybersecurity software is through open-source. We are all about transparency, trust and code quality. 

The Agent has always been and will always remain open source (EUPL license). 


Minimal Performance Impact

High-performance real-time threat detection with minimal impact on system resources.


Seamless SIEM Integration

Seamless SIEM Integration: Easily integrate Owlyshield with existing SOC/SIEM systems like Wazuh


Effortless Installation

Straightforward installation for Windows and Linux platforms.ility.


Intelligent Threat DetectionAdvanced machine learning techniques for effective threat identification and mitigation.igate sophisticated security threats.


Data ConfidentialityDeveloped by French company SitinCloud, Owlyshield stores information exclusively in French data centers.


User-Friendly ExperienceOwlyshield’s user-friendly interface and compatibility with various systems make it accessible and hassle-free for all users.d hassle-free for all users.

AI-Powered Ransomware Detection

Owlyshield’s cutting-edge AI technology provides fast and reliable protection against malicious attacks, identifying ransomware threats in real-time and safeguarding your devices and networks.

By continuously adapting to emerging ransomware patterns, Owlyshield keeps you one step ahead of cyber threats, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive security coverage.

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